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BellyBiz Shapewear

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BellyBiz Shapewear is designed to give women

maximum confidence in their bodies!

  • Each garment is individually created

  • We source high quality, breathable, cotton-based fabric for maximum breathability and comfort

  • 100% Australian Made

  • Unlike most shapewear brands, our products are designed to be seen

   Our best-selling Tummy Tuckers feature a unique multi-wear design that supports

   women through many stages of life and is made to be seen. 


   Ways you can use your Tummy Tucker:

  • For tummy control and as a traditional body shaping garment

  • Maternity band

  • Support for stomach muscles

  • Provide post-operative support to wounds

  • Hold heat packs in place

   Our other products include:

  • Hip Wraps

  • Flirt Skirts

  • Maternity Belly Bands


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