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We have you covered!


Multi-Banz have you covered, extend your tops and accessorise any outfit. 

Whether you need a splash of colour, to lengthen your top, to cover up love handles, stretch marks or a muffin top? Multi-Banz are a quick and easy solution.


Perfect for layering to get the fashion look you desire.

Multi-Banz let you gain instant confidence and look and feel fabulous.


1. They are made to be seen and come in eight fashion colours.

2. You can wear them as a bandeau or around your waist.

3. They are cotton-based in a soft, comfortable fabric.

4. They come in a double or single layer for maximum versatility.

5. They are professionally and individually handcrafted.

6. 100% Australian made.

We sell both a single layer Multi Banz and a double layer Multi Banz. The double layer offering more support, comfort and warmth.

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