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Meet the face behind BellyBiz Shapewear

Hi there!


I’m Michelle. I’m a wife, mother of four and founder of BellyBiz Shapewear.


BellyBiz Shapewear began 15 years ago in 2006 when I was pregnant with my third child. I came across maternity belly bands and immediately fell in love with the concept. Unfortunately, the products on the market at the time were lacking in quality, poorly designed and had something missing. That something missing was versatility.


I founded my original business MelonBellies, and with the help of a friend in the fashion industry, I sourced a top quality fabric and designed a brand new product unlike anything else on the market at the time, the unique Wear-8-Way Maternity Belly Band.


After my son was born, I found I was still wearing my maternity belly band to hide my post baby jelly belly. I realised that with further development, I could also create a solution for my wobbly bits and muffin top. Two months later I launched MB@NZ, the solution to anyone’s wobbly bits, this was later rebranded as Tummy Tuckers.


Because I loved the product so much, I assumed other women would too. I was right! With the help of my wonderful family, we surged ahead meeting the needs of all the women like me who just didn’t want to feel self-conscious about their bellies anymore.


In 2010 we rebranded as BellyBiz Shapewear because whichever way we moved; we were all about bellies. I continued to introduce new styles, colours and products and we started selling internationally. I was able to help women all over the world with their individual shapewear needs.


Now 10 years later, I think what keeps the business thriving are our three unique qualities:

  • The product is 100% Australian Made and each garment is individually created

  • We continue to source and use the latest in quality, breathable cotton based fabrics

  • Our products are made to be seen and give women more confidence in their bodies and therefore themselves.


What drives me each day is reading the wonderful stories my customers share with me about how their lives and self-confidence have been improved by my products. 


I can’t wait to hear yours!


Michelle xx

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