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All our products are designed to be absolute top quality, but affordable…
Our fabric is custom made using a soft but firm cotton base not the usual sweaty nylon in similar items. 
Each garment is individually made by our professional New Zealand manufacturing department not mass produced overseas. 
Our manufacturing and quality are unique but so are our designs: 
Our Tummy Tuckers unique design offers shapewear that can be worn size ways and is made to be seen.. all while making your belly so lovely and smooth..
Our Flirt Skirts unique design offers tummy support as well as covering all your bits and bobs… . 
We are real people ready to answer all your questions about bellies – we are just like you and have   the same issues..
We stand by our items 100% and offer you 100% satisfaction or your money back.
We post daily because we know you want this now!.
We exchange so that you can be assured the perfect fit, which is so important with these items.