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In 2006 when pregnant with my 3rd child I came across (in Australia) Maternity Belly Bands. I loved the concept but found the quality and design poor and I just wished they could be more versatile. So with the help of a friend in the Fashion Industry I sourced a top quality fabric and designed a new and unique Wear-8-Way Maternity Belly Band and MelonBellies was born originally in New Zealand...

After Baby Number 3 was born, I found I was still wearing my Belly Band to hide my post baby jelly belly and I thought with a bit of further development I could create a solution for my wobbly bits and muffin top!! Sure enough two months later I launched MB@NZ my solution for any-ones Wobbly bits which I now call (appropriately) Tummy Tuckers.

I assumed every woman would want one and I guessed right, so with the help of my wonderful family we surged on meeting the needs of every woman who like me just didn't want to jiggle anymore!

WHY THEY WORK: Our Tummy Tuckers Shapewear  are absolute top quality, but affordable and versatile and most importantly made to be seen. The fabric is custom made using a soft but firm cotton base not the usual sweaty nylon expected in Shapewear. Each garment is individually made by our professional New Zealand manufacturing department not mass produced overseas.  Finally, the unique design allows you to wear the garment six different ways seamlessly so it suits every girl's needs.

Our Tummy Tuckers have been used for so many things and what drives me every day (whilst I am also Mummy to 4 children under 8 years) are the wonderful stories that people share of how their life and self-confidence has been assisted by our products.

In 2009 due to our expansion into Australia and our ongoing inclusion of new style, colours and initiatives we renamed our business BellyBiz as we realised whichever way we moved we were all about bellies...

Now it's 2013 and with my youngest off to school, we are so excited to launch CHOOBEEZ Fun Top for children and FLIRT SKIRT... AN ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE FOR US LADIES..  Sucks in your tum and covers your bum... and some achem... other bits!

I want to thank my family and friends, especially Dan, Sam, Jess, Lukas, Tom, Eddie, Brian, Ned, Pola, Mark, Chris, Anita and Lesley who without them I could never of achieved this...

So... let's say... NO MORE WOBBLY BITS!!!

And let us get down to some Bellybiz!

Big Hugs Mumma Belly (Michelle)